Today, parents have many school boards to choose for their child, CBSE, ICSE, Board, IGCSE, IB. Parents feel that they have to select the school properly as education is the ticket to a better life for most of us.Parents should look at all the possible options and make the best decision depending on their situation. It’s not just the board that defines the future of your child. In fact, in Tamil Nadu, most children attend CBSE board till their 10th grade and then shift to the local state board because of the lenient marking system, which helps in getting into a good university

Being a student, you have finished your 10th. Now you are planning to pick an education board which is most suitable for you and which will help skyrocket your career. Choosing between CBSE, ISCE and IB is not an easy option. Each education board has its own advantages.

The right board might not always ensure that you study abroad but it could definitely help you get admission to colleges abroad more easily. Here’s how to choose the right board to study abroad from CBSE, ICSE and IB board. When it comes to having the best education, choosing the right board and school is very necessary.

Choosing the right board can help you go a long way if you plan to study abroad. But choosing a board with an eye on the future could be a confusing task for any parent or student. The question arises right in grade 6, if not before. However, it is not the choice of a board that guarantees an easier admission to an overseas college. We also need to remember that universities do not offer a seat to merit alone. The focus is also on capabilities, leadership potential and holistic learning.

For instance, many students end up choosing CBSE or ICSE board when they are more comfortable in a content-based pedagogy and a more articulated learning path. On the other hand, people who are more comfortable with a research-based pedagogy prefer IB Diploma or A levels. In India, as far as IB and A levels are concerned, the scores provided cannot usually be normalised and compared against CBSE, ICSE and state boards yet.

Benefits of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)

1. Probably the most popular education board and the national board of our country. CBSE has an integrated curricular approach which helps develop holistic individuals.

2. CBSE emphasizes on skill development. 

3. CBSE helps students prepare for competitive exams as most of the questions in competitive exams are asked from NCERT.

4. Most of the competitive exams such as JEE mains and advanced are conducted by CBSE. 

5. It imparts quality knowledge to the students as well as ensures the overall development of an individual.

6. The most important advantage of CBSE board is that it offers flexibility to choose the subjects based on student’s interest. The overall structure of CBSE is very compact and it doesn’t allow you to feel any pressure.

7. You don’t need to mug up the answer. Original and well-written answers are appreciated by the CBSE board giving students a chance to explore their thinking horizon. 

Benefits of ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)

1. ICSE is considered to be the toughest board. The curriculum of ICSE is very comprehensive and it encompasses all fields with equal importance. 

2. ICSE students become naturally very good in English because of their in-depth curriculum.

3. It is no surprise that students who do well in ICSE are expected to clear the Civil service exam as the art of writing compactly in English is very much needed in Civil services.

4. The syllabus and structure of ICSE are in such a way that it enables students to look beyond textbooks and have practical insights into the concepts.

5. The standard and curriculum of ICSE gives the students a strong foundation and make them ready for their future.

6. Amount and content of syllabus might be high, but it also develops high knowledge among the students. You might have heard that what CBSE teaches you in 11th or 12th, ICSE board has already taught the concepts in 9th. Such impact and resourceful is ICSE’s curriculum. 

Benefits of IB (International Baccalaureate)

1. If you are planning to study abroad then IB board can help you get admission abroad.

2. IB board helps you become more culturally aware.

3. It helps you to get Global Affiliation.

4. Their curriculum helps in the all-round development of a student. 

5. IB board gives you the flexibility to select your own subjects.

These are the few advantages of the top education board. No board is the best. Every board has its own advantage. It totally depends on the aptitude of the student. 

Parents need to consider below Factors: 

  1. Do you wish to continue your child’s further education in India? If you do then CBSE & ICSE Boards should be your choices. These boards (specially CBSE) prepare children for competitive exams that would help them gain admissions in colleges in India.
  2. If you can afford the expensive IB & IGCSE Board OR have plans to send your child abroad for education OR have plans to travel abroad for work/permanent residency. Then IB & IGCSE could be your choice.
  3. Understand your child’s capabilities & learning patterns. If they enjoy practical, hands-on learning and applicability of what they have learnt in class, then IGCSE or IB syllabus would work for them. If they can learn and memorise complex concepts by reading aloud and understanding. If memorizing and mugging complex concepts come to them easily. If the school environment is competitive and they can withstand the competitive classroom environment and pressures perhaps CBSE & ICSE may not be a wrong choice for them.
  4. Parents often enrol their children in SSC (State board) till class 8th or 9th because the cost of education is a lot lesser and then switch to CBSE/ICSE because it would prepare the children for competitive exams.
  5. Another route that parents take is letting their children study in CBSE/ICSE board for their formative years and switch to State Boards for the 10th and 12th for State Concessions in Undergraduate colleges.

There is no one answer right for all. The deciding factors are often plenty and mostly very personal. The above-mentioned options are only a sample of scenarios that play a crucial factor in the deciding process for the right board.

All the best. Happy Learning. May you choose the career which you flourish.